-What is Behash?

To put it in the simplest terms, Behash helps users to fully utilize their computers and gain financial rewards from participating in the mining/bookkeeping activities of cryptos. As a legally registered business fully regulated in Canada, We use our technology and knowledge to save users from the troubles and extremely high risk of setting up and researching themselves, helping them to find the safest and most profitable mining activities at the moment to boost their finance.

*For now we only provide Canadian Dollars and certain crypto currencies as reward options. We will add other legal currencies/cryptos as payment methods in the future as our legal team explores and business develops. We fully comply with the crypto and business laws within Canada, however we do ask users outside Canada to check the laws within their jurisdictions to confirm if you are legally allowed to use our services.

-Who would benefit from Behash?

Whether you are a hardcore gamer, or an office worker You would be able to gain passive income from simply running Behash on your computer.(You can still use your computure like you used to, although some performance impact might be experienced as Behash do utilize your computure to mine cryptos)

Why Behash

0 investment needed:

Zero investment needed at all times, no strings attached. Users are only required to run Behash on their computers to start gaining, and we only charge a small portion of service fees once our customers successfully generate rewards from using Behash.

In conclusion, you will always gain from using Behash(service fees are incurred only if users successfully gain income from mining, we will not charge you if you have not gained on Behash).

0 Time Input

Just run Behash on your computer while you are using it(or not!). Behash will run itself and generate that passive income for you with ease

Safe and regulated

Behash complies with the Canadian crypto laws and business laws. We also passed the Kaspersky safety test and acquired the signature of EV certificate. 20% of our earnings are constantly dedicated towards our security upgrades and software maintenance.

-How to start using Behash in 3 minutes?

1.Simply sign up and download Behash(we have different versions for windows and Linux)

2.Extract “Behash Rar” and run Behash exe. Follow the instructions to finish the installation.

3.Run Behash, click “Start gaining” on CPU or Graphic Cards based on your preference. Then you are all set! (leave it open as long as you want to use Behash to )

Reminder: Although it is rare, there is a possibility that your antivirus software might mistakenly stop you from downloading or installing Behash. We would like to remind you that we do not carry any sort of virus or malicious program that harms your local computer system or network. In addition, we are a fully regulated business that complies with both the crypto laws and business laws regulated by Canada. Your computer’s security is what we value the most. In this case, please whitelist Behash installation files and recover the destroyed files or redownload the Behash installation files again. If you have any concerns, please contact our support team.

Other FAQ

-Is Behash legal?

Behash Inc. was founded in 2020, and became a fully registered business in Canada in Summer 2021. This indicates everything we do here at Behash is regulated and monitored by the Canadian government, FINTRAC(The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) and CRA(Canada Revenue Agency). We comply with all the legal requirements within Canada but we ask you to check the laws within your jurisdiction(from other countries such as the U.S) to confirm if you are legally allowed to use our services.

-Is Behash Safe?

Behash has passed Kaspersky security test, and successfully acquired the signature of EV Certificate by Digicert. As a technology based firm, the security of customers using our softwares and services is our top priority. In fact, 20% of our earnings are allocated in software developments and security upgrades to ensure that we can constantly deliver our software and provide our mining services to customers with the highest security standard possible.

-Why are the actual proceeds different from the estimated proceeds shown on the Behash interface?

You will see your estimated proceeds within a few minutes of running Behash. However, as the price of crypto tends to change significantly(along with the changes in block rewards and computing difficulty), the actual proceeds you receive might be higher or lower than the estimated income. This is completely normal and please refer to your actual proceeds as your real income from Berhash.

-How to maximize my potential gains from using Behash?

While Behash tries its best to help its users to find the most reliable and profitable projects at the moment to participate, users on their end do have an impact on their rewards:
1.Time of running Behash:
This should be obvious, the longer you run Behash on your computer, the more rewards it will be for the user.
2.The quality of the computer:
the better your computer is (graphics card/cpu) is, the better the rewards will be. Simple.
3.The price fluctuation of cryptos:
While choosing Cash reward generates fixed rewards over time, crypto rewards however may fluctuate significantly over a short period of time due to its nature of high volatility. Users receiving the same amount of crypto currencies at a slightly different time may have completely different real value(e.g one worth $10K, one worth $6K due to a big price drop). Thus it is riskier to choose crypto reward options as it tends to yield much higher gains or losses. Please choose your reward options with caution.

-Any potential/additional costs that might be incurred from using Behash?

While many users consider Behash cost-free as users do not need to put any investments to start gaining(we do not even have a deposit function as users do not need to invest any money into Behash at all, not kidding.) , we do need to remind our users that there might be some electricity cost incurred along the way from running Behash as electricity is required for the computer to work.

However, in realistic scenarios as most Behash users suggested, these are the costs that might incur regardless as most users only have behash running while they are already using computers for work and entertainment purposes). With that being said, Behash is your daily, hourly, or even minute- based ultimate financial boost tool that efficiently utilizes user’s time windows of using their computers to earn the financial rewards that you deserve.